Lightweight Steel Structure House Construction

Prefabricated high-tensile, rust-resistant steel frame with symmetric special cross-sectional shape. Usable for building with span (distance between pillars) of 30 meters without the need for central pillar needed. Stronger than C beam which can only accept the span of not more than 7.5 meters. The steel frame uses 10mm bolts for assembly, 10 times stronger than screws.

The frame is constructed from hot-dipped, galvanized high tensile steel, designed using technology, and cut by CNC process to reduce error, resulting in strong, accurate and complete building structure. We also provide installation service by a highly-experienced team. The client be assured of quick and reliable work. We are able to make roof, bearing wall, and floor.

For House (1-5 floors)

Worker Accommodations
Stage Platform
 Architectural Structure

For Warehouse

Cattle Farm
Mobile Temporary Accommodations
 Small Factories (Not more than 30m wide)


Prefabricated Roof Black Steel Roof Structure
 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (G550) or Aluzinc (AZ150) Material Generic anti-corrosion coating, depending on the contractor.
10mm high-tensile, corrosion-resistant bolt  Attachment Welding, welding sports may have rust even after coating.
High-tensile G550 (5,500 ksc) steel Grade SS400 (2,400 ksc) Black Steel
Consistent Quality Inconsistent, the steel might not be full, too light, or substandard.
Designed by a 3D program, strength, load-bearing capability and resilience against wind are assured. Design By experience of the contractor. Procurement of metal is done by rough estimation.
Cut, drilled, and formed in the factory based on actual need by CNC machine, correct and accurate. Manufacturing and installation Measured and cut by human.
Pre-coated, no need for lengthy painting and curing process. Paintjob After welding, the steel frame must be coated and waited for curing for several days.
1-3 days for single house, 3-7 days for farm  Installation time 5-7 days, depending on skills
Easy to inspect.  Quality Assurance Welding defects can be difficult to detect, and the weld spots must be checked for anti-corrosion painting.

Advantage of Roof Frame

The steel cross-section is developed by the high-level American research, specifically for floor and roof truss. The cross-section is symmetric, so the truss will not twist, and is able to bear more weight. The steel is able to bear the roof with over 30 meters of roof span, or 8 meters of floor span without central support. The floor frame is a truss that can have span of up to 8 meters, and can bear weight of over 400 kg./sq.m. The floor material is fiber cement board of 18mm thickness. Easy and quick to install, yet highly durable, can be floored with ceramic or laminated tiles. Interior systems can be installed inside the floor truss structure.

Floor work 1


System works can be defined from the designing phase. The machine will drill 28mm holes for power and water conduits, faster and easier than cutting into the brick wall.



Floor work 2


For residential work that emphasizes cost-saving. Carbon fiber can be inserted into the empty space between the walls to deflect heat, three times better heat deflection than traditional brickwork/plastering.



Floor work 3


The structure is sheathed in the moisture barrier, preventing moisture from entering the house, while allowing internal moisture to be vented.



Floor work 4


Wall seams are installed according to Australian standard. Seam adhesive are made from cement, effectively alleviating cracking and leaking problems