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Triple A Property Co., Ltd.
With our 30+ years of experience in construction and real estate development, the client may be assured of our professional-level service worthy of our slogan “Know the job, Know the mind”

  • Apartment for rent (Daily, Monthly)
  • Real estate agent
  • Seller of “3A Fire Retarder”, flame retardant for paper, wood and cloth
  • Construction of lightweight steel structure house.

D.D. House
Apartment for Rent

Located at Soi Nawamin 85, only 600m from the main road. A 8-floor apartment with 75 large rooms full of facilities. Ready for…More

Agent for
Real Estate Transaction

We are a professional real estate agent with high experience. We sell, rent and buy houses, land, condominiums…More

3A Fire Retarder
3A Fire Retarder

Flame retardant will prevent fire from spreading by turning itself into black char coat on the surface when burned, works by…More

Lightweight Steel Structure House Construction

Prefabricated high-tensile, rust-resistant steel frame with symmetric special cross-sectional shape. Usable for building with span…More


“Not to be tricked at home and land transaction”
Running a land transaction business requires care to not be tricked. Thus, one needs to be careful before doing the transaction. Here we have examples of tricks

“What is flame retardant?”
, Process of flame retardation is rendering flammable (in three categories) material into inflammable or flame-resistant material by coating flame retardant on the thread or cloth

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